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VALNOVA SRL a realty in the furnishing market … the only limitis are those dictated by your imagination.

Since 1969, the company immediately affirms itself in the furniture for bars, pubs, bakeries, ice-cream shops and shops in general. Highly advanced company, IBA is a specialized manufacturer of furniture of refined and exclusive design, serving today more challenging Customers, such as restaurants and hotels.

Since 1978, the company is involved in the production of commercial refrigerators and tailor made furnishings for the high-end food industry. MAURI is the latest brand acquired by VALNOVA for the new challenge of the “tailor made”.

Furniture for butchers, delicatessens, bakeries, fishmongers complete the picture for the demand of the TAILOR MADE furniture, paying particular attention to customer care, design, production quality and final set-up installation.

Since 1960, the company designs and creates tailor made furniture for bars, restaurants, hotels and shops of all kinds. Whether it is a bar counter or a hotel room, our goal is always the same: to provide a high quality product, satisfying at maximum our Customers’ needs, on time and within budget.

Our services

VALNOVA tries to satisfy any customer's request at 100%, providing a full service at 360 ° and a well-finished tailor made personalization to every detail. By choosing VALNOVA furniture, you will have one STAFF available at your disposal that will take you step by step in your realization. VALNOVA is able to deliver any type of set-up for any room.


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We are located in Presezzo (Bergamo) Viale 1° Maggio, 18/20. Dalmine highway exit, take direction Lecco, at the height of Curno turn towards Bonate Sopra – Lecco, exit at Locate – Mapello ZI (Industrial Area), turn left and enter the industrial area.


Valnova S.r.l.

Viale I° Maggio, 18/20

24030 Presezzo (BG)

P.I. 03679540165

Tel. 035.437.66.27

Fax. +39 035613555